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"I greatly appreciate all of your support. As a result of that, I achieved my targeted TOEIC score."

Keiko Iwashige, Mgr.,
Ethicon-Endo Surgery Japan,
Johnson & Johnson

Improve TOEIC/TOEFL Score

TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication) is the international standard for measuring English language proficiency in the business world.

The TOEIC test is the world's most recognized English language test that measures reading and listening skills.

ILP is an Official TOEIC Test Center

ILP will design a program to help you improve your TOEIC score by:

  • Increasing your idiomatic vocabulary.

  • Improving your listening skills through a variety of exercises.

  • Exposing you to the language spoken at a normal speed.

  • Providing numerous full-length practice TOEIC tests.

Link to the TOEIC-USA for more info:

TOEFL is used by many governments, universities, and agencies as a standard measure of the English proficiency of their candidates. Most admissions committees of colleges and universities in the United States require foreign applicants to submit TOEFL scores along with transcripts and recommendations before being considered for admission.

ILP will help the student prepare for the TOEFL test by using specially selected materials including full-length model TOEFL tests.

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