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"Mrs. Iwamoto is a great instructor who pays attention to the details. I wish I could take her with me to continue my Japanese studies."

Nicole Nielsen,
Toyota Motor Manufacturing, N.A.

"Excellent program Mrs. Kim is an outstanding teacher who is passionate about getting students to really learn."

Greg Morrow,
Procter & Gamble

Standard Foreign Language Course

School of Language, Cincinnati Ohio No matter which of our 15 foreign languages you choose, we will design this course to meet your specific needs, work with you to arrange a schedule to fit your availability, and provide you with a qualified and native-fluent teacher.

A variety of teaching techniques and materials will keep the lessons lively and interesting while increasing your vocabulary and developing your confidence in speaking.

In our Standard Foreign Language Course, you will:

  • Learn the foreign language as it is spoken in daily conversation.

  • Gain confidence in your ability to speak and understand your new language.

  • Hear typical conversation thereby increasing listening skills and vocabulary.

  • Study customs and culture of the target language.

  • Practice idioms and grammar through conversation in class.

  • Improve pronunciation through practice in class and through audio material for use outside of class.

School of Language, Cincinnati Ohio Native-fluent teachers will provide motivating lessons that teach you to use the language in real life situations.

Our teaching hour
lasts a full 60 minutes.

We believe in value. That is why every ILP lesson offers a full hour of instruction, not the 45 or 50 minutes you may find at some schools. Add up those extra minutes over the period of a typical language course and you come out with a bonus of many hours in learning time at ILP. Each session lasts at least 2 hours and can be scheduled 1,2,3 or more times a week depending on your goals and available time.

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