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After four weeks taking English classes in your school, I would like to thank you for your extraordinary hospitality and good work.Frankly I couldn’t expect more. ILP has the relaxed and professional ambiance I was looking for.

Paulo Giovanni, President,

Our Language Courses

School of Language, Cincinnati Ohio

From the moment you step into ILP, you will know great care has been taken to create a harmonious atmosphere conducive to learning.

At ILP, we believe you learn the most when you are having fun. Our active and stimulating methods, using world-renown TPR (Total Physical Response), music, role-play, and games, provide an effective way to learn.

You won't find a more personalized language program anywhere. Our customized curriculum is designed to fit the specific needs, personality, and background of each student.

School of Language, Cincinnati Ohio No two courses are exactly the same. Each of our one-on-one courses is designed based on:

  • The student's current language level.

  • The way the student will use the language.

  • The special goals of the student.

  • The amount of time available.

  • The student's learning style.

    School of Language, Cincinnati Ohio To learn a language the most effective way and in the shortest amount of time, we recommend our Intensive English Course or our Intensive Foreign Language Course, where you will hear and speak the target language up to 8 hours a day.

    If your schedule is not suited to an Intensive Course, ILP offers Standard English Language or Standard Foreign Language Courses (minimum
    2 hours per session) that can be scheduled during the day or evening. Classes are scheduled once or twice a week, or more depending on your needs. These classes offer the same personalized attention as the Intensive Courses.

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