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"Since our company was established in greater Cincinnati, we have relied on International Language Plus for English training for our Japanese employees and their families. We have seen great results. I highly recommend International Language Plus."

Yasuo Iwamoto, Former President,
Mitsubishi Electric Automotive America Inc.

Our Company

Our mission is to enable our students to communicate effectively in the target language and to provide a comprehensive, top-quality language program in a positive and supportive environment that will help the students reach their individual goals.

INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGE PLUS, INC. is a private, independent language school dedicated to language training at its finest. Sandra Roberts, founder and director, following her passion to provide outstanding English training for expatriates, began ILP in 1986 after having lived and taught outside the U.S. for over ten years.

Because of Sandra's commitment to excellence, business men and women from all over the world, along with their families, can now find a friendly and supportive language school where they can learn the communication skills that will help them succeed in the business world and in their communities.

In December 2007, Sandra Roberts was chosen by
the Cincinnati USA Regional Chamber of Commerce, the fifth largest Chamber in the country, as WOMAN OF THE YEAR - ENTREPRENEUR.

Myrita Craig, vice president of the Chamber's small business programs, said about Mrs. Roberts:

"Sandra absolutely exemplifies the essence of the Women Excel Program... because she followed her passion and started a company based on her experience as a teacher and in foreign countries. She has grown her business to an unbelievable success and is a tremendous role model for entrepreneurs everywhere."
Sandra Roberts
Founder of ILP
Ellen van der Horst
Chamber President

Today ILP is a company that provides English as a Second Language and 15 foreign languages, with 50 native-speaking teachers and 200 to 300 students. All this has happened without sacrificing the personal care that characterizes ILP.

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